Panoramic view of Florence: the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, the Palazzo Vecchio

Tuscany itineraries between Nature and Culture

Map of Tuscany walking tours in the nature - The viewpoints of Florence: Piazzale Michelangelo

The viewpoints of Florence:
Piazzale Michelangelo, Arcetri and Fiesole

Piazzale Michelangelo, is the closest scenic spot. A marvelous terrace with a bronze copy of Michelangelo's David, can be the starting point to explore the hillside of Florence. Among winding streets and amazing views you can quickly reach Arcetri, where Galileo Galilei retired in the last years of his life.

Duration 3 hours

Tuscany walking tours map in the nature - The Gardens and the Ville Medicee

The Medici Villas:
Villa Castello and Villa Petraia

Villa di Castello and Villa Petraia and their gardens are part of the many rural estates of the Medici family. The beautiful Italian gardens feature rare plants and citrus, and are decorated with antique and Renaissance sculptures.

Duration 3 hours

Tuscany walking tours map in the nature - Fiesole


Where you can explore churches, museums and archaeological sites, or trekking to the Natural Protected Area of Monte Ceceri to visit the stone quarries and the places where Leonardo conducted his early flight experiments. Fiesole hills has the special feature to host international universities and each year they attract thousands of students from all over the world: the Georgetown University; the center for the studies on the Italian Renaissance of the Harvard University and the seat of the "Florence program" of the prestigious University of New York.

Duration about 3 hours

Tuscany walking tours map in the nature - The Etruscan Coast

The Etruscan Coast

The Costa degli Etruschi and the beautiful city of Livorno, are two interesting yet still undiscovered tourist destinations. The Quartiere Venezia (Venice District) of Livorno, whose name is due to the many canals crossing it, is a must see. Delightful are also the little snacks, meals and aperitivi in the Mercato Centrale (Central Market). The Livorno tour can be combined with a walking tour of Pisa, where you can take a snapshot of you "holding" the Leaning Tower. Livorno to the South, opens the doors to the Costa degli Etruschi (Etruscan Coast), the Etruscans who settled on the hilltops in the present villages of Casale Marittimo, Campiglia Marittima and Volterra. In the north of Tuscany lies Lucca, it managed to keep its independence until almost the unification of Italy, perhaps the reason for its special charm. Surrounded by a 4, kilometer wall, lies the enchanting Piazza del Amphitheater with the magnificent Cathedral of San Martino.

Tuscany walking tours map in the nature - Carrara


Extraction of the world-renowed Carrara marble began in Roman times. In the sixteenth century, the Carrara marble is made famous by Michelangelo, who used it as the main raw material of its artistic expression. The word "marble" comes from a Greek word which means "shining and bright stone" and indeed the mountainous landscape of the quarries is a resplendent, unique and almost otherworldly. The special light reflected by the marble surface, the steep cliffs that plunge quickly into the sea and the quarries dug into the mountains like gigantic wounds make Carrara a destination not to be missed.

Tour guide of Bologna, Emilia Romagna

Bologna, Emilia Romagna

Bologna is just 25 minutes from Florence by train. I was born there and I studied at the University of Bologna, the oldest in Europe. According to the motto Bologna is the "Grassa, the Dotta and Turrita", “well fed, cultured and endowed with many medieval towers”;
”Grassa” because we can eat divinely everywhere and because the area of the main Food Market is actually an entire district. Art is special, mainly the Medieval and the Bolognese Baroque and for this reason it begins to attract travelers from all over the world. The symbols of the city are the two medieval towers "le Due Torri", the gigantic bronze Neptune by Giambologna that dominates the Piazza Maggiore and the tortellini, a masterpiece of the local gastronomy.